Hollandse School Limited has its own preschool, ‘Jip en Janneke’. It consists of three groups, each with a maximum of eighteen toddlers each day. Each group is led by one English-speaking and two Dutch-speaking teachers, ensuring that your child comes into contact with both Dutch and English. The groups are for children between the ages of two and four.

Learning by play

At preschool, the emphasis lies on ‘learning by play,’ exploring topics that are relevant to a young child’s world. We implement a continuous learning line that eases your child’s transition to primary school.


Teachers in the group are supported by two assistants who help to change nappies, clean up and do other chores that need to be done.


Final responsibility for the preschool rests with Meino Meines, director of Hollandse School Limited. Marjolein Pronk is responsible for organizational and educational matters and is in charge of everyday activities. You can contact Marjolein with general enquiries and to enroll and unenroll preschool children at:

If you have any administrative and financial queries, please contact HSL’s administration department.