What does your child need?

Starting a new primary school can be rather daunting for a child, and sometimes for their parents as well. This is even more the case if this new step is accompanied by a move to Singapore. In our experience, Dutch children integrate quickly into our school. There is no language barrier, the Dutch educational system feels familiar, and we ensure that children are warmly welcomed into the school community.


Children between the ages of two and four can enrol at our preschool ‘Jip en Janneke’. The preschool has three groups, each with a maximum of eighteen toddlers each day. Each group is led by one English-speaking and two Dutch-speaking teachers, ensuring that your child experiences both Dutch and English.

The emphasis in preschool lies with ‘learning by play’ and exploring interesting topics that are relevant to a young child’s world. We implement a continuous learning line that extends into our nursery groups.

Entering class 

If your child will soon be four and is going to be going to primary school for the first time, he or she will start in class 1. The teacher will arrange with you for your child to attend school for a few mornings at first so that they can get used to coming to school and the transition will be gradual. As soon as your son or daughter turns four, primary school it is!

If your child has already been attending another primary school

If you have just moved to Singapore with your family, your child may already have been attending primary school. The combination of moving to a far-away country, living in a global metropolis and finding their way at a new school may feel a bit overwhelming for your son or daughter. At HSL we do everything possible to help children to feel at home quickly. We invite families to come along, experience the atmosphere and meet the person who will be teaching their child’s class. All this makes the first day at school a lot less daunting.