Admission Policy

Whilst enrolling your child(ren) you will also be asked to sign the Admission policy, which states the following:

The "Hollandse School Limited" has an open Admission Policy with a wider scope of instruction than a basisschool (Primary School) in the Netherlands, but with certain limitations. This by-law sets out the policy for admission to the school.

1.Application for admission should, if possible, be made at least 4 months in advance. After submitting the admission form, the registration fee applies, as well as the 1st applicable school term fee. The latter will be waivered if article 2.2. applies.

2.1. The Board is responsible for maintaining satisfactory level of education and admission of every child shall be subject to approval by the Board (in consultation with the Principal).

2.2. The Board reserves the right to refuse admission of any child to the school. The Board's decision in this respect shall be final.

3. Before a child can be considered for admission to the school, the child should be exposed to the Dutch language:

  • at home or
  • through previous educational experience (e.g. school, NTC, etc). In all case article 3.2. applies.

3.1. In the case that the child isn't able to communicate in Dutch, article 2.2. applies. For this purpose the School Principal/Special Need's Coordinator may make such enquiries from the child's previous school as may be deemed necessary, or require the child to participate in any formal or informal procedures established by the School Principal for ascertaining the same.

4.1. The Board reserves the right to grant admission subject to such conditions that it deems necessary to impose, in the interest of the child or the school.

4.2. Without limiting the Board's powers as contained above, where the child fails to meet criteria in 3, the Board may grant admission to the child:

  • on condition that the child takes complimentary lessons Dutch via "extra Nederlands", with a maximum of 2 x 45 minutes weekly during the school day
  • or, in case that is not sufficient, the child might benefit from extra lessons Dutch outside school hours during NSA (After school activity program offered by HSL). This will be offered free of charge on the advice of the school (with a maximum duration of one school year). In case the parents are deciding independently from the advice given by HSL to follow "Extra Dutch" lessons, the parents will bear the costs.

5.1. In certain cases, after careful evaluation of the child, the school may decide to grant admission on a temporary basis with a probationary period of 2 or 3 months, whereupon parents would be advised in writing. Such a probationary arrangement would be considered necessary, inter-alia, in the following instances:

  • where the child's standard of comprehension of the Dutch language is considered inadequate by the school and where such inadequacy would put the child at a disadvantage if he pursues his education in the school;
  • where the child's ability to learn or absorb knowledge through a Dutch educational system is considered limited;
  • where problems can be envisaged and the child's progress may likely be hindered;
  • for any other reason.

5.2. If after the probationary period, the child has not improved, the school will in exercising its discretion, ask the child to continue or pursue his education elsewhere for the interest of the school and for the child's own interest.

6.1. The school does not offer any form of specialized education. The Board may however, in its absolute discretion, admit a child out of the sphere of Special Education in the Netherlands, upon such conditions as the Board deems necessary.

6.2. Admission will not in any circumstances be granted to any child out of the sphere of Specialised Education.

7. A child prematurely withdrawn from or leaving the school for any reason (other than its parents having to leave Singapore) shall not be readmitted, unless the Board in its discretion otherwise agrees.

8. The Board reserves the right to change at any time the Admission Policy herein. Parents are advised to check on the current Admission Policy at the time of application.

9.1. The admission is formally effective and school fee applies after sending in the completed (incl. signature) admission form, which includes the 'Student Contract' and 'Advisory Note' as well.

9.2. Placement of the child in a specific class will be possible only after HSL confirmed receipt of the following documents:

Completed and signed 'Aanmeldingsformulier HSL 2017- 2018', this comprises of the following documents; 'Student contract 2017-2018', the 'Advisory Note', the 'Admission policy' and 'Application form for membership of Hollandse School Limited'

  • A copy of the passport (and if already known the Foreign Identification Number). When your child has multiple nationalities and / or multiple passports, we need that information when registering.
  • The educational enrollment
  • The educational report or in the case of international education 'educational report'
  • A copy of the latest school report
  • Pupil (CITO eg, LVS, LOOK) file of your child
  • Any examination reports
  • Most recent action plan, if applicable.
  • The medical form
  • Recent (passport) photograph of students to enroll

10.The Board reserves the right to adjust the school fees during a school year, would the school's financial position require this. The Board