Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)





Which curriculum does the HSL offer?

The HSL provides the Dutch curriculum for the main subjects Language, Math, Reading and Writing. We also offer the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and part of the British curriculum (reading, writing and speaking in English).

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How many English lessons are provided per group?
Is it a problem if my child starts at the HSL without ever having attended English classes?

Children at Jip & Janneke have both a Dutch speaking teacher and an English speaking teacher in class the whole day. Thus, our focus is on both the English and the Dutch language development.

The groups 1 through 8 get 1 hour of English class per day. ‘Streaming’ takes place within these groups and the English objectives are worked on differentiated. This way, the differences in the language comprehension are considered.

The English teachers at the HSL are all native speakers.


How is the transition from group 8 to international education regarding English?

Annual research and feedback from international schools have shown that the students’ command of the English language is sufficient to easily stream into the international educational system.


Does the ‘Nederlandse Inspectie’ (Dutch inspection) visit the HSL?

The ‘Nederlandse Inspectie buitenland’ visits the HSL once every 4 years. The last inspection visit was in 2015.


Is the education at the HSL provided by qualified teachers?

Every teacher at the primary school is qualified and has at least a bachelor degree from the College of Education (PABO), in some cases supplemented with master degrees in educational disciplines. Moreover, our teachers have a lot of experience (working) in primary education.



What are the HSL’s international activities and connections?

An international connection is made in the IPC units. We also focus on these connections during our cultural assemblies (i.e. international holidays and festivities).


How big are the groups?

The groups at Jip & Janneke have a maximum of 20 toddlers. The groups 1 through 8 have a maximum of 24 students.


How is the transition from the Netherlands to the HSL?

Research and feedback from the Dutch schools shows that the education at the HSL connects well with the education in the Netherlands: the students adjust easily into the new school. The teachers, together with the educational counsellors, make sure that the students’ correct information is sent to the new school.

The students receive an Educational Report (Onderwijskundig Rapport) to bring along to the Netherlands when they leave the HSL. This report contains all (educational) information regarding the student to ensure that the teacher in the Netherlands is aware of what has been provided to the student and what the student’s development has been.


What extracurricular activities does the HSL offer?

We have an extensive programme of extracurricular activities. These programmes last 8-10 weeks. We currently offer 35 extracurricular activities. The activities variate from art to games, and from sport to cooking. Extracurricular activities are not mandatory and are meant to acquaint the students with the activities.


Do you provide camps in the school holidays?

No, we don’t provide any camps. However, there are other places in Singapore that offer all kinds of camps during the school holidays.


Do you celebrate the Dutch festivals?

We celebrate Sinterklaas, Easter, Kingsday and Christmas at the HSL. We also celebrate the local/international festivals, like Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya.


What is your policy on bullying?

The school has a Bullying protocol / Behavioural protocol that is part of our educational content.


What does the school do concerning media knowledge?

Media knowledge is a part of our educational content. Besides that, we also provide an annual “media knowledge week”.


How digital is the school?

The school uses iPads, iMacs, laptops, ‘Google Classroom’, and each class room has an interactive smartboard. The different appliances are part of our educational content.


Is there a library?

The HSL has a library with Dutch and English books. Every group visits the library once a week. Students can borrow a maximum of 5 books per week. Moreover, the HSL also does a lot to promote books (i.e. the “Kinderboekenweek” and the ‘Poetry Week’.


How does the HSL communicate with the parents?

The HSL communicates with parents mostly through the digital communication platform “Social Schools”. This is a controlled environment where only parents of the HSL’s students have access to. The platform uses an app and a website.


Does the HSL have a uniform?

The students at the HSL don’t wear a uniform. However, the students do wear a HSL gym t-shirt during the PE classes and school trips. Also, all students are required to wear a school hat for outside play time. This is to protect them from the sun.



Can I register my child if I don’t have any local information yet?

Yes, you can. Missing information, like home address and a local telephone number, can be provided to the Admissions department after registration.


Is there a bus service that takes the students to school and brings them back home afterwards?

Yes, the HSL has outsourced the bus service to ‘Woodlands Transport’. More information is provided in the link below:


In which area of Singapore do most of the students live?

‘Woodlands Transport’ drives in a radius of 14 kilometres around the school. To keep the transport time for the students as short as possible (a maximum of 45 minutes in the school bus), most students live in a radius of 8 kilometres of the HSL.


At what age can a toddler be registered for Jip & Janneke?

Toddlers from the age of 2 years can be registered for Jip & Janneke.


What are the school times?

The school times at Jip & Janneke are from 8.30am to 12pm. Extended days (available for kids from the age of 3 years on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) are from 8.30am to 2.30pm.

  • The groups 1/2 have class from 8.30am to 2.30pm.
  • The groups 3 through 8 have class from 8.30am to 3.30pm.
  • On Friday the groups 1 through 8 have class from 8.30am to 1.30pm.


Is there a waiting list for a certain group?

No, there is no waiting list at the moment.


Is starting school possible throughout the whole school year?

Starting school is possible throughout the whole school year. Most children start at the HSL after a holiday.


Can I come by for a tour around the school?

Absolutely! An appointment can be made with the Admissions Officer, whom you can reach at the following email address:


What are the school fees for the HSL?

Please click on the following link for more information about our school fees: